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Pro-Balance Knife Shaft
Product No. Product Name Blade Size Adjustable Nut Weight
H724896 Chinese Chef's Knife 17 cm B C D 55.5g
H724898 Cleaver 16 cm A A C 26g
H724897 Cleaver 18 cm A B C D 60g
H724888 Fish Knife 18 cm A C D 51.5g
H724858 Chef's Knife 21 cm A B C 30g
H724857 Chef's Knife 18 cm A B C D 60g
H724856 Utility Knife 16 cm D 30g
H724855 Utility Knife 14 cm A B C 30g
H724889 Bread Knife 20 cm A C C 38.5g
H724891 Tomato Knife 13 cm A B 13g
H724890 Boning Knife 16 cm B C 25.5g
H724895 Paring Knife 9 cm A 4.5g
H724854 Petit Knife 12 cm A B 13g
H724892 Steak Knife 12 cm B 8.5g
H7241078 Santoku Knife 18 cm A B C 30g
H7241069 Santoku Knife (Fluted) 18 cm A B C 30g
H7241100 Flexible Fillet Knife 21 cm A B 13g
H7241130 Octopus Knife 30 cm H C C I 74g
H7241131 Sashimi Knife 30 cm H C C I 74g
H7241132 Sashimi Knife 25 cm H   C I 57g

***The color shaft (handle cap) for the Pro-Balance knives can be purchased separately for your convenience of differentiating knives.

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